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William Bart Colantuono, who appeared on seasons two and three of the show, was killed on September 18, 2013 when his helicopter crashed while attempting to lift logs in an Oregon forest. The History Channel described Colantuono's role as "a smart pilot who isn’t afraid to take risks. He’s been flying for a long time and views helicopter logging as a competitive sport. He competes against himself, against the machine and against the weather." Witnesses told Linn County deputies that the pilot released the logs before crashing, indicating he knew of a problem. Witnesses say they also saw a rotor separate from the copter before it flipped and crashed upside down. [17] The Season 7 episode "Axes and Allies" was dedicated to his memory.

In 2011, some NBA players found themselves having to leave the country to find work during the NBA Lockout. While that was a temporary situation for them, it’s an every-year reality for even the most popular, highest paid WNBA player. Players like Candace Parker, Tamika Catchings, and Diana Taurasi, who—by the way—all have top 10 best selling jerseys, still play overseas during the off-season to keep money coming in. In fact, some actually make more over there than they do playing for the WNBA. A top player can earn over $500,000 playing for seven months. But, this also means that they are playing basketball year-round, with no breaks.

While under repair at Manila on 29 October, Nachi and Kumano were attacked by aircraft from USN Task Force 38 . Nachi was hit by a single bomb to her aircraft deck, and this, as well as strafing attacks, killed 53 crewmen and further delayed repairs. On 5 November, again in Manila Bay, Nachi was attacked by three waves of . planes from the aircraft carriers USS  Lexington and Ticonderoga . She escaped the first wave undamaged, but was hit by five bombs and two or three torpedoes in the second wave while attempting to get underway. During the third wave, Nachi was hit by five torpedoes in her port side, which severed her bow and stern, and by an additional twenty bombs and 16 rockets. Nachi ' s flag commander, Vice Admiral Kiyohide Shima , was ashore for a conference at the time of the attack, but arrived at dockside in time to watch in horror as his flagship was blown apart. The central portion of the vessel sank in approximately 102 feet (31 m) of water at ( 14°31′N 120°44′E  /  °N °E  / ; Coordinates : 14°31′N 120°44′E  /  °N °E  / ; ), [6] 12 nautical miles (22 km) northeast of Corregidor .

2live crew decoded thesis

2 live crew decoded thesis


2 live crew decoded thesis2 live crew decoded thesis2 live crew decoded thesis2 live crew decoded thesis