Aids prevention and control essay

Is this story pathetic or what? No advice on the role of condoms in stopping the spread of STD’s? Get me my position paper that I surely issued in the past? The president is right about everything? And Coburn the physician assassin is the go-to source on matters sexual? A man who would publicly burn Victorian sex education manuals as filthy and degenerate? Mr. McCain–once you have become a whore, you have to remember to speak standing up too, not just lying on your back pandering to the client. Anybody wonder why we’re “straight talking” again or why this man’s GOP favorability rating is sinking like a stone? This would be even more hilarious if this were not a presidential candidate caught with his political pants down.

Yes. Abstinence means not having oral, vaginal, or anal sex. An abstinent person is someone who’s never had sex or someone who’s had sex but has decided not to continue having sex for some period of time. Abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and pregnancy. The longer you wait to start having oral, vaginal, or anal sex, the fewer sexual partners you are likely to have in your lifetime. Having fewer partners lowers your chances of having sex with someone who has HIV or another STD.

The second most frequent mode of HIV transmission is via blood and blood products. [12] Blood-borne transmission can be through needle-sharing during intravenous drug use, needle stick injury, transfusion of contaminated blood or blood product, or medical injections with unsterilized equipment. The risk from sharing a needle during drug injection is between and % per act, with an average of %. [64] The risk of acquiring HIV from a needle stick from an HIV-infected person is estimated as % (about 1 in 333) per act and the risk following mucous membrane exposure to infected blood as % (about 1 in 1000) per act. [48] In the United States intravenous drug users made up 12% of all new cases of HIV in 2009, [65] and in some areas more than 80% of people who inject drugs are HIV positive. [12]

Aids prevention and control essay

aids prevention and control essay


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