Anthem research paper topics

Anthem Cellutions became reality in early 2007, facilitated by a group of technocrats, with decades of enzymes experience so as to provide a exclusive product line and customer technical support to the domestic and overseas market in industries ranging from paper, grain processing, beverages, textiles, baking, animal feed, pharmaceuticals etc.

To create the body of the research paper, its author copied the text of the Wikipedia entry for “mitochondrion,” a real biological phenomena known to high school biology students across the country as the “powerhouse of the cell.” The author then reworded the text from the Wikipedia entry to make it appear original using a process called rogeting, which replaces words in a document with appropriate synonyms. Ironically, the author even mentioned in a section of the paper that a significant portion of the paper was reworded text from other sources. “The majority of the text of this paper was Rogeted [7],” the paper reads.

Anthem research paper topics

anthem research paper topics


anthem research paper topicsanthem research paper topicsanthem research paper topicsanthem research paper topics