Bonnie and clyde essay

Written by Robert Benton and David Newman and directed by Arthur Penn, "Bonnie and Clyde" was one of the decade's most profitable films, and a flashpoint for arguments about sex, violence and politics in movies. It exploded across world screens in 1967, at the tail end of the Summer of Love and smack-dab in the middle of a period of domestic unrest (the Detroit riots had happened just a few weeks earlier) and the mechanized slaughter of . involvement in Vietnam (by the war's official end in 1975, over 58,000 Americans and about 3 million Vietnamese, North and South, military and civilian, were killed in action). The . was just 22 years away from the victorious conclusion of World War II, the "Big One" as it was called—a war that, notwithstanding Allied atrocities like Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the bombing of Dresden, reassured Americans that God was on its side and it was the Good Guy in the quest for global domination. It's astonishing to look back on the key films of the sixties and seventies and realize how many of them were questioning received wisdom, intelligently, clumsily, blatantly, cynically, but always as a matter of course, almost as if it were the duty of a popular art form to remind audiences that the images on that screen came from somewhere, and if you wanted to figure out where, you could look in a mirror.

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Bonnie and clyde essay

bonnie and clyde essay


bonnie and clyde essaybonnie and clyde essaybonnie and clyde essaybonnie and clyde essay