Corporate communication thesis topics

New Frontiers in Reputation Risk Management “There may be no more elusive, difficult to manage and feared risk than reputation risk for large banking organizations.” Julie Williams, former Deputy Comptroller of the Currency. Much has been made about the value to companies of having a good reputation. Figuring out how to manage this “elusive” dimension of performance has been a challenge, however. In 2002, a reputation set-back for Capital One prompted the bank to address this challenge by creating a system for managing reputation risk that was as disciplined and tangible as its approach to managing credit, operational, and other forms of risk. Since it was implemented almost fifteen years ago, it has proven to be an effective means of enabling line managers have a fully loaded view of the risks embedded in the choices before them. Mr. Woods will describe the thinking behind the design of this discipline and how it works.

After studying Law at Complutense University, I realized that I love Audiovisual Communication and decided to devote myself to my real vocation: filmmaking. I started by studying script in my hometown and continued my preparation at the New York Film Academy, where I lost the fear of saying: “action!”. Since then, I have investigated and experimented with the cinematographic narrative and all its different formats. I have directed, written and/or produced from feature films to TV commercials. Lately, my career has basically been centered on Corporate Videos and Documentary films with the completion of numerous works for very prestigious Companies and Networks as TVE, MULTICANAL, New Atlantis, and different Associations, Institutions and NGO’S.

Corporate communication thesis topics

corporate communication thesis topics


corporate communication thesis topicscorporate communication thesis topicscorporate communication thesis topicscorporate communication thesis topics