Educational planning management thesis

IIEP supports ministries of education to plan and prepare their education sector plans [3] through long-term technical involvement or more focused interventions. Making progress in education demands that countries have a clear vision of their priorities and how to achieve these. Many ministries therefore prepare strategic plans, which reflect this vision and help mobilize people and resources. Strategic planning guides educational development by giving a common vision and shared priorities. Educational planning is both visionary and pragmatic, engaging a wide range of actors in defining education’s future and mobilizing resources to reach its goals. A wide range of ministries worked in partnership with IIEP to develop their plans. In some countries, the Institute supports the whole process of formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of these plans; in others, it offers advice and assistance in specific areas as requested by the ministry. In all cases, the joint efforts is aimed at strengthening the capacity and autonomy of ministries and their staff. IIEP gives special attention to working with countries faced with the challenges of emergencies and reconstruction (sometimes referred to as ‘fragile’ contexts) which are farthest away from achieving the EFA and the MDG goals.

Why hire an educational consultant? Gain peace of mind, preserve healthy family relationships, and save money in the end... Research and decisions related to education can be stressful and overwhelming and involve considerable expense for students and their families.  There are a multitude of options available and an infinite number of rankings, blogs, guide books, and online resources that detail facts as well as render opinions.  While all of this information can be helpful, it can also leave you unable to accurately examine and compare your options and to make the best decisions. 

Educational planning management thesis

educational planning management thesis


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