Everything bad is good for you essay

Hi Trish. Just wondering if you have any experience with Crest Prohealth flouride rinses? This is a bit of an embarrassing post but I don’t want this to happen to anyone else! I started using Crest Prohealth mouthwash about a month ago. Throughout that month I noticed some discolouration of my teeth. It seemed somewhat gradual and it was report card season so I had been drinking lots of coffee and some red wine. Anyhow last week two of my bottom teeth were turning very brown. I thought that the enamel had worn away. I am a chronic teeth grinder so I thought I had finally ground away my teeth permanently. So in my panicked state I started ensuring that I used that mouthwash every night and sometimes twice a day. Monday morning I made appointment with my dentist stating that the enamel on my teeth was turning brown and rotting away. I of course googled everything about gum disease, oral cancer, etc.. Totally freaking out. Yesterday morning I brushed and flossed and rinsed and then I noticed that I now had brown stains in between my two front teeth. At first I thought it was maybe purplish from the colour of the mouthwash so I rinsed with water and brushed and flossed and it was still there!! Now I really thought I was going to be wearing dentures soon. All my teeth were rotting!! To sum up this story.. Last night I decided to google crest Prohealth and brown teeth and there were many articles and chat groups and even class action law suits. My dentist confirmed for me this morning that the staining is surface staining he scraped some off to be sure. Thankfully I have a cleaning appt later this morning. My dentist told me he had heard about this happening with some listerine products too.
There is a small warning on the back of the bottle stating that using this rinse may turn teeth brown. I know that this mouthwash has not had the same effects on everyone who had used it but why risk it!?!? Read the labels of toothpaste and mouth wash! If it says it may cause browning of teeth you now know it can happen. In less than a month I went from white teeth to looking like I was smoking a pack a day and rinsing with Americanos!! Yes this staining is not damaging my teeth but for someone who had braces for five years and loves to smile it was very upsetting. Call me vain but I take great care of my teeth and didn’t feel like I deserved to look like I don’t.
Thanks for reading I hope this helps people avoid this product.
Update… Healthy teeth and gums. The brown stains have been cleaned away.. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw my clean teeth again! ???? My hygienist said that different people’s saliva (acid levels) can cause this to happen.. So like I said before it may not do the same thing to everyone. This seems to be most common in non-alcohol rinses that contain cetylpyridinium chloride.

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Everything bad is good for you essay

everything bad is good for you essay


everything bad is good for you essayeverything bad is good for you essayeverything bad is good for you essayeverything bad is good for you essay