Film reviews written by children

I remember being 14 years-old, sobbing in front of the television as Will & Grace ended its eight year run. I had grown up with the show, learned a lot about myself through watching the show. It was truly the end of an era. Of course, in 2017, with people's desire for nostalgia running rampant -- it was only a matter of time before this groundbreaking NBC sitcom would return for its second wind. In very much the same was as Gilmore Girls, Full House, and One Day at a Time, our pals, Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen are back to remind audiences what was so rewarding about their shows in the first place. 

There’s an abstract audacity to “mother!” The film’s horror plays off everything from the grabby hordes of celebrity culture to the fear of Nazis and terrorists to — yes — what it means to be a mother (complete with the world’s most ironic exclamation point). All of that makes the film seem ambitious. But it also makes it a movie that’s about everything and nothing. You might say that it’s Aronofsky’s (confessional?) vision of what it’s like being married to a famous egocentric artist. But you could also say that “mother!” is so intent on putting an undeserving woman through the terrors of the damned that there’s a residue of misogyny to its design. Toss in a twist ending worthy of M. Night Shamyalan (a good or bad thing? Maybe both), and you’ve got a head-trip horror movie with something for everyone — except, perhaps, for those who want to emerge feeling more haunted than assaulted.

Film reviews written by children

film reviews written by children


film reviews written by childrenfilm reviews written by childrenfilm reviews written by childrenfilm reviews written by children