Hills like white elephants essay topics

Specifically, Hemingway says: "The good American writers are Henry James , Stephen Crane , and Mark Twain ” and adds later that “Henry James wanted to make money. He never did, of course”. Intermixed with these comments on James, Crane, and Twain are Hemingway’s views of American writers in general, most of whom, he says, came to a bad end. When Kandisky asks about himself Hemingway tells him, "I am interested in other things. I have a good life but I must write because if I do not write a certain amount I do not enjoy the rest of my life.” When asked what he wants, Hemingway replies, “To write as well as I can and learn as I go along. At the same time I have my life which I enjoy and which is a damned good life." [7]

Hemingway stripped so much from his stories that many of his contemporary critics complained that his fiction was little more than snippets of dialogue strung together. Others have called his writing overly masculine—there are no beautiful phrases or breathtaking passages, just the sheer basics. In “Hills Like White Elephants,” for example, both the American man and the girl speak in short sentences and rarely utter more than a few words at a time. Hemingway also avoids using dialogue tags, such as “he said” or “she said,” and skips any internal monologues. These elements leave the characters’ thoughts and feelings completely up to the reader’s own interpretations. Hemingway’s fans, however, have lauded his style for its simplicity, believing that fewer misleading words paint a truer picture of what lies beneath.

Nearly 500 grade 7-12 students took part in the Woodland Hills Interaction Series' biannual Read-A-Thon on March 8th.  Nineteen WHSD teachers, administrators, school board members filled the school day with excerpts of favorite books along with sharing their love of reading.  In addition,  we had our first student reader and also welcomed WHHS alum Steve Breaston who shared some personal writings with the students.  The Read-A-Thon, now in its 3rd school year, promotes a life long love of reading as the students were introduced to a variety of new authors and writing styles. 

Hills like white elephants essay topics

hills like white elephants essay topics


hills like white elephants essay topicshills like white elephants essay topicshills like white elephants essay topicshills like white elephants essay topics