How to write a pet peeve essay

We think 50 Cent worded it best when he spit, “In the hood summer time is the killing season, It’s hot out this b***h that’s a good enough reason,”. The heat makes people do some off-the-wall things. “Hot and bothered” is not only a common phrase, it’s the absolute truth. All of us likely become irritable whenever we’re too hot, although, not like Cancer men. A Cancer man, when’s he hot, is like Ike Turner after Anna Mae told him that all of his songs sounded the same…PISSED! Too much heat drives a Cancer man bonkers and will have him flipping like you’ve never seen before. Get that man a portable deluxe misting fan, a facial ice pack or something, rápidamente.

I’ve always taught my students to (safely)remove any magazine and open the action of any firearm they are presented before doing anything else with them. I’ve gotten wierd looks when I do this at gun shops and have even been asked not to do it as I point the gun at the ceiling (the only safe direction at the time) and ensure the gun is clear. If I worked at a gun shop I’d never hand anyone an in-battery gun. God knows what the last customer did and we missed when it got put away. Failure to treat every gun, at all times, as loaded (when possible, obviously not when broken down, action open, etc) WILL, not MIGHT result in a nd, eventually. I’ve never, in thousands of hours of gun handling, had a nd. This is not good luck, it’s consistent safe habits.

How to write a pet peeve essay

how to write a pet peeve essay


how to write a pet peeve essayhow to write a pet peeve essayhow to write a pet peeve essayhow to write a pet peeve essay