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Interesting article, thanks Joe. Publisher’s requirements aside, I truly think the story will dictate the length. I write a mix of novellas and novels-my Chase Investigations private eye series are novellas, 15-25,000 words. My action/spy series The Division are 50-60,000.
Personally, I would rather read a shorter book that held me at every page, than drift through parts of a longer book. I find even some big name quality authors ave tended to fill out some of their bestsellers, which would have been fantastic shorter works.

The 'Specialized' album is for the collector who enjoys a challenge. It features one example of nearly every regularly issued variety (errors, complete booklets and booklet panes excluded). Included here are the different gum types, each booklet position (for straight and cut sides), perforation style, etc. Small images of all booklet panes are illustrated on the respective pages (see PDF sample). This set of album pages are organized by denomination. All of the various varieties for a single denomination/colour are found on the same page (or, in some cases, several pages!). Actually, there are 3 types of pages (you can download all for the one price of $60, if you wish):

  • for mint collectors, includes gum types, 150/250 phosphor screens, and APS/Kampf perforation styles. Nearly 2,300 different single stamps are included in this set.
view 4-page PDF sample
  • for mint collectors, with gum types but ignoring the 150/250 phosphor screens, and APS/Kampf perforation styles
  • for used collectors (without pictures), excluding gum types and 150/250 phosphor screens and APS/Kampf perforation styles
Five separate PDF files for each type will be provided: Pre-decimal, Decimal, Anniversary, NVI, and Regionals.

Many pages 1400 word essay

many pages 1400 word essay


many pages 1400 word essaymany pages 1400 word essaymany pages 1400 word essaymany pages 1400 word essay