Master thesis graphic design

These project-oriented courses taking place both during the first and the second semester will face complex themes closely related to emerging issues in the current design scene. The workshops are intended to stimulate creative thinking while rounding off sounder professional skills. Taking advantage of the tutors’ guidance and class critique activities together with the information and insights offered by partner companies of the Volkswagen Group, students will fully develop and present their own proposals in order to provide innovative design solutions consistent with the guidelines in the brief. Activities during the laboratory will cover all the phases in the design process, from the concept idea to the final presentation. After the initial exploration, students will move forward into design concepts and their refinement. During the second semester students will have to produce a physical or a digital model. It’s a long process that demands a high level of personal committment and flexibility, organizational and time management skills as well as a strong attitude to teamwork. Students will work in small groups; during the second semester they will be organized in pairs or in groups of 3 people to promote mutual learning and facilitate the management of the overall woarkload. After the launch of the activities, participants will meet once a week with the tutors and the class to discuss, revise, constantly develop their plan further advancements. Projects are subject to group critiques and critiques with outsider reviewers. All the other classes (and in particular rendering, sketching, alias, modelling and concept research) will focus on these assignments as well. Particular attention will be given to the effective communication of the project. The brief for the year 2011-2012 is focussed on micromobility.

Always allow at least one extra line of space above subheadings, and preferably below as well. Without this extra space, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish headings from text. A heading must never appear alone at the bottom of a page (a “widow”) without at least two lines of text under it. Also keep in mind the conventional wisdom that a unit cannot be divided into a single part, or “you can’t have an A without a B.” If you have only one second-level heading under a given first-level heading, you should probably incorporate it into the text or, if subdivision is really called for, create another second-level heading. Addition- ally, if you have only one appendix, call it simply Appendix, not Appendix A.

Master thesis graphic design

master thesis graphic design


master thesis graphic designmaster thesis graphic designmaster thesis graphic designmaster thesis graphic design