William burroughs the now essay

In 2016, the contributions of Bill and Melinda Gates to business, information technology, and international philanthropy were recognized with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. The presidential awards citation, read in part, “from helping women and girls lift themselves and their families out of poverty, to empowering young minds across America, they have transformed countless lives with their generosity and innovation. Bill and Melinda Gates continue to inspire us with their impatient optimism, that together, we can remake the world as it should be.”

thanks for bringing this story to our attention. I totally agree with you. In my opinion it completely doesn’t matter, whether his brain was stolen or his son gave the permission for a pathological study, whether the studies were of statistical significance or rubish, whether public money was used to do this research or just leisure time of the researchers was spent to it.. The most important thing is, that HE explicitly prohibited the use of his brain for research posthumously. And we HAVE to respect this, anyway! What makes things even worser is, that the results and conclusions of these studies are completely speculative and meaningless in my opinion, even if the control group is well choosen and so on and so forth.. but this are just my two cents..

William burroughs the now essay

william burroughs the now essay


william burroughs the now essaywilliam burroughs the now essaywilliam burroughs the now essaywilliam burroughs the now essay